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Our Work

The CCDE Health Equity Action Lab has a number of ongoing and complete projects undertaken in partnership with community organizations. The projects listed below were completed in collaboration with and for BIPOC communities around Washington State to provide health information, capacity building workshops, and improve access to health care in our communities.

Youth Club Meeting

Intergenerational Health Literacy

In partnership with community organizations that support capacity building in BIPOC communities across Washington State, this research project aims to better understand the health information and technology needs of families. 

Language Access Research for Community Health

An interdisciplinary coalition between researchers and providers in communication, social, work, nursing, and medicine that works to improve access to health care for communities with diverse language preferences. 

Youth Conference
Happy Couple

Participatory Design of Telehealth Interventions

With a focus on mental health, this research identifies opportunities for designing culturally-appropriate interventions that leverage growing access to information and communication technologies among BIPOC communities.

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