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Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity

Health Equity Action Lab

An equity-based, coalitional space for individuals and communities to collectively collaborate, participate, research, and engage in social health and wellbeing. 


About HEAL

The CCDE Health Equity Lab supports and promotes community-based health equity research. HEAL engages a holistic definition of health that includes individual, community, and social health and wellbeing. Through a focus on academic-community partnerships and participatory methodologies, HEAL serves as a resource for researchers, community leaders, policymakers, and practitioners working toward greater health equity. 

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Exercise Group

Roundtable Series


Meet the Roundtable Speakers

Dr. Carmen Gonzalez


Associate Professor, Communication,

UW Seattle

Dr. Carmen Gonzalez is the Dart Endowed Assistant Professor in Trauma, Journalism, and Communication. She received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Communication, and B.A. in Journalism and American Studies, from the University of Southern California. Through interdisciplinary and community-based research, Dr. Gonzalez’ work is focused on digital equity and health communication. 

Dr. Jody Early

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Professor, School of Nursing and Health Studies, UW Bothell

As a social scientist, health education specialist, and certified health coach, Dr. Early's work with and in communities is rooted in principles of community-based participatory research, transnational feminism, and health justice. Her scholarship examines the intersections of structural, historical, and social ecological factors on health equity, gender equity, and health behavior and the application of critical and digital methods in health promotion and higher education.


Dr. Timeka Tounsel 


Assistant Professor, Communication,

UW Seattle

Timeka N. Tounsel is an Assistant Professor of Black Studies in Communication. She earned a Ph.D. in Communication Studies with a Graduate Certificate in African American and Diaspora Studies from the University of Michigan, where she was also a Rackham Merit Fellow. Dr. Tounsel’s work considers the stories that society tells about Black women and the narratives that Black women craft about themselves.

Dr. Jessica D. Moorman

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Assistant Professor, Communication,

Wayne State University

Dr. Jessica D. Moorman is a fourth generation Detroiter who researches how media shape health and development over the life course. In her primary area of research, Dr. Moorman examines the media’s role in shaping Black women’s single socialization; the process by which attitudes and beliefs about single status are acquired. 

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What does community engagement mean to you?
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